First blog post

Hello everyone here🤝

This happens to be my first blog post .Oh my god!! Am I nervous ,a little bit.

The picture reminisces what I am going to talk about today,the forties.Yup,getting into your Forties ,I think is Best phase acoordung to me as kids grow up and get sorted 🤔,I mean Almost😤and u r getting enough time to pursue your hobbies,get little time to engage in socializing n blan blah.You suddenly feel fearless ,brace and ready to conquer the world.

All the nagging from MIL's become non existent,u are almost deaf and you love it.Well I do.Whatever you dreamt of doing long back,come in front of you nbekiebe me you want to do all of that n more🙄

I am proud to be in my forties and all those who are entering to club Forty,be excited 😊 



The dawn it was,

the darkness mingling with light

The sun was waking up silently to wake the world,

With all its positive vibes .

The positivity kissed me through my feet,

While i sunk my feet in the lush green grass

I could feel my soul touching the divine

I felt like a newborn lass,

My inner knots swirled and twirled,

I missed this heavenly bliss till now,

I felt my knots slowly going away

I swung to the nearby bough

I walked and walked, I could feel the connect,

With the beautiful Mother Earth

The nature grasped me with both hands,

All riches felt like of little worth .



The ocean of memories, shallow and quiet

I could extend my hand and grab them one by one

Some broken ones, bruise my hands

Some stir the bottom of my heart, some are shunned .

I am going to dive in there,

I am slowly leaving the ground

Enveloped by the evocation of soul

With lovely souvenirs all around

I am falling, languidly

Sipping in the good times

Fearing the bad ones,

Chasing the nostalgic rhymes.

I fill my bucket with nostalgia

It’s filled up to the brim

Today it will have a tryst with my melancholy

Drenching my soul with tears, so dim


My dream

My debut booktransform my dreams into fireflies,

fill them in an empty jar

stitch a little moon on me

it will feel at home mingling with my scars

let the stars become my robe

let the night merge with my mood

let the rain become my confidante

let my imperfections make me perfectly wooed

Winter haiku

The snow capped hills

Resplendent like gold jewels

Kissed by the sun

The dew drops resting

Waiting to be diamonds soon

When rays will caress

Tree boughs bowing down

Welcoming mighty winter

Dreaming about spring


I am a stone

I am a stone,

When chiseled with devotion,

I become sacred,

Thrown with disgust,

I become a weapon

When chosen by a discerning person,

I become a diamond.

Recklessly lying on the path, I am a hinderance

Meticulously placed, I become a path myself,

I am, how you perceive me

I am a stone


The rocking chair

grayscale photo of man sitting on brown wooden bench reading news paper during day time
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Sitting on the rocking chair in the freshly manicured lawn,

Trying to play a game of chess, the fragile fingers moving the pawn.

Constant tick-tock of the antique clock,

The day turning to night in the false hopes.

The eager eyes, always looking at the road,

To lookout for the silhouette of someone dear they know.

Emptiness creeps from deep beneath,

Making it difficult for them to breathe.

Medicines, injections piercing like termites,

Trying to fight depression, with all their might.

Huge tinted windows, big floral curtains,

The next sunshine they will see, not certain .

Missing their loved ones and trying to stay alive ,

The birds of same feather, find solace in each other to survive .

Yes, times have changed,

Yes, we are moving along the fast paced world,

But abandoning our parents and erecting more and more old age homes,

Sending off those who took care of us, all their life, is it worth

Oxymoron poem

Deafening silences

Calming chaos

Lifeless life

Hopeless hope

Wordless chats

Silent screams

Endless hours

Nightmarish dreams

Unrhythmic rhyme

Darkest light

Living dead poet

On a wingless flight


OPEN: Comment-a-Haiku Poetry Contest!

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Get ready for Vita Brevis‘ third comment-a-haiku poetry contest! Here’s what you need to know:

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RewardHonestly, this is less about “winning” and more about meeting and communicating with other poets. But I will choose some honorable mentions, and I’ll officially publish the winning haiku on Vita Brevis (with a link to the poet’s blog). Not a bad deal!

When: Starting right now (10/18), ending Sunday night (10/21)

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